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Medical Appointment Transportation Services

Can Medical Appointment Transportation Services Get You to an Office 500 Miles Away?

Typically, medical appointment transportation services are little more than shuttle buses that are equipped to handle wheelchairs. These are great for those whose doctors are only 10 or 20 miles away, but what happens when you need to go to a doctor that's in the next state or even across the country? Then, you need to find a company that is able to handle trips that are truly long-distance.

Fortunately, there are medical traveler assistance services that specialize in these long-distance journeys. One of these is Acute Air Ambulance, which handles the needs of people who need to travel for medical reasons. They offer many tiers of service, ranging from emergency medevac flights to basic medical escorts for commercial travel.

For those who are medically stable and able to sit in a standard airline seat, the medical escort service is usually the best choice. With this service, a qualified person will accompany the traveler and provide any needed assistance.

Those who need to lie down can often make use of the commercial stretcher service. This takes a bit of extra time to arrange since it requires coordination with a commercial airline. Once that is done, rows of seats on a commercial flight will be switched for a stretcher setup. Qualified personnel will also accompany the patient.

Thanks to these traveler assistance services, it is possible to get to medical appointments even if they are with doctors and facilities that are far away. Just contact Acute Air Ambulance and ask about their medical appointment transportation services to get started, discuss your needs, and find out more details about how all of their options work.

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