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Medical Transport Service

Get to the Hospital You Want by Hiring a Medical Transport Service

When you suffer an injury or acute illness, the standard protocol is for emergency services to take you to the nearest hospital. This is usually best for purposes of stabilization because it allows for emergency life-saving care to be delivered as quickly as possible. However, once you are out of the immediate emergency situation, you may well find that you would be better off at another facility. If the other facility is a long distance away, however, getting there will present some problems. This is especially true if the current hospital thinks that it can treat you well, but you disagree with that assessment.

Fortunately, there is a way to get from one hospital to another without jeopardizing your recovery by leaving care entirely. You can contract with a medical transport service to take you from your current hospital to the one you want to be in. In some cases, this may only involve a short ambulance ride. However, you can also choose to go to a facility that is in the next state or even across the country. For this, you need an air-capable provider of medical transportation.

You don't need to worry about getting to the airport if you choose a medical transport service that deals with medical flights. The crew will come and pick you up at your current facility, provide ground transport to the plane, fly you to the city of the desired facility, and then take you there via ground ambulance.

If you don't need a full air ambulance service, you can also arrange for medical transportation on a commercial flight. This requires more lead time since it is coordinated with an airline, but it is an excellent cost-saving choice if your condition is fairly stable.

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